Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark

Business Academy Aarhus (BAAA) develops and offers practice-orientated higher education programs. With more than 4,300 full-time students, 3,400 part-time students and about 400 employees, the BAAA is one of the largest business academies in Denmark. Business Academy Aarhus is a university of applied science. This means that we are an institution of higher education. The degree programs we offer focus on applied degrees, especially in technology, IT and business. We provide both undergraduate programs and can grant academic degrees. In addition to this, we also offer continuing education and part-time programs at bachelor’s level and short term courses for people who need to strengthen their qualifications.
Our programs combine theory with practice, and we prioritize tuitions in small teams, group work, project work, cooperation with trade and industry, realistic cases and compulsory internships. We have about 900 international students, and every year more than 300 of our students go abroad for part of their programs. Developing and completing programs must create value for students and companies alike. With this in mind, we make a dedicated effort to apply our qualifications in relation to specific innovation and development projects in a joint effort with partnership companies. Business Academy Aarhus was founded on January 1st, 2009, and created as a merger between three different education institutions.
We offer programs within these different areas:
• Biotechnical, Food & Process Technology
• Environment & Agriculture
• Finance
• Innovation & Entrepreneurship
• IT & Technology
• Sales, Service and Marketing
• Web, Media & Communication

Business Academy Aarhus is a formal institution, and we have a strong focus on formal learning which is the reason why we were very interested to get involved in the project “Catch it! Non-formal academy of activities”. As part of the project, we got inspired by the other project partners on different ways to work with non-formal learning. Because of participating in this project, the BAAA has increased its focus on non-formal learning in education and how its students are prepared in the best possible way to enter the labor market.  

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