Association Education by the Internet, Poland

Association Education by the Internet is an apolitical, independent, non-profit organization. The Association’s team consists of young, forward-looking people, full of optimism and constantly undertaking new challenges.
The scope of Association’s activities is primarily educational and training programs targeted at young people, youth workers, teachers, NGOs, companies, institutions and entrepreneurs. The Association’s team carefully observes the education system and is looking for new methods that will not only complement it, but also improve it.
One of the goals and areas of expertise of AEI is supporting and promoting non-formal and informal learning and distance education (e-learning). The AEI devotes a special place in all activities to young people. For several years, the AEI has been successfully implementing projects for young people. The Association’s  support is targeted not only at young people, but also people working with them - youth workers.
We also work with training, advice and support for non-governmental/non-profit organizations and organizations working with/for young people and also youth organizations. The Association also runs a Local Relay of the Eurodesk (European network) which provides information on the European Union, partners searching for projects, funding and also events, courses or opportunities for young people and those who work with them.
Many of our projects are examples of best practices recognized by the Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme or European Commission. One of our projects was also nominated to the European Youth Award.

With our over 13 years of experience in youth work and as a provider of non-formal learning activities, the AEI found it natural to initiate a project aimed at enhancing the quality and relevance of the non-formal learning offer in youth work, by developing new and innovative approaches and supporting the dissemination of best practices. Having the experience both from national and international projects, we wanted to cooperate with experienced partners, also from abroad. Both the Business Academy Aarhus and the University of Aveiro are very experienced in Problem and Project Based Learning as well as using real cases and internships in their formal education programs and also in non-formal learning activities proposed for their students and the general public. We found it very interesting to focus on the non-formal learning offer in youth work in the areas of: entrepreneurship, languages and digital skills, creativity, group work skills, time management skills and how these skills and competences can be developed by young people and youth workers with the use of Problem and Project Based Learning and real cases and internships outside the formal education system.

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